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One important mission of church leaders is to rear Christians for their spiritual growth. How to equip Christians to respond to rapid changes in society, share Christian love with others and serve the community has become a priority in Christian ministries.

To respond to such service needs, the Service Project for the Church was launched in January 2001.


  • To meet the service needs of Christians so as to enhance their holistic development.
  • To join with churches in actualising the servant-hood lifestyle through serving the community.
  • To provide training for Christian leaders and enable them to serve more effectively.

Services offered by the Project are conducted by social service professionals who are also committed Christians.


Service Provision

  • Provide tailor-made programmes for churches.
  • Establish partnerships with seminaries to provide training courses on specific topics.
  • Provide open talks and workshops for Christians and churchgoers.

Given the wide scope of services provided, the listed programmes and courses are just some examples.

Programmes for churches

Provide tailor-made programmes for talks, fellowship meetings, Sunday schools and other special events in churches. Examples:

Fellowship strengthening programmes

  • Camps for youth development
  • Workshops on fellowship relationship

Christian family programmes

  • Talks on marital relationship
  • Sex education for adolescent children
  • Adventure-based programmes

Community service

  • Training for elder volunteers
  • Community service workshops for Christians

Training courses for seminaries

To provide resources and support to training courses offered by seminaries. Examples:

  • Family and marriage counselling
  • Parenting education
  • Ministries for children, adolescents, adults and seniors

Open talks and workshops

Training courses on: Examples:

  • Youth service
  • Parenting for adolescents
  • Effective teaching in Sunday schools for children
  • Service for the underprivileged


Over 90 % of participants in the Project programmes are satisfied with the speakers' and trainers' performance. Most of them found the trainings beneficial to them.


Some comments on the programmes:
  • I have learned how to communicate effectively with my children.
  • Vivid and interesting, I was especially impressed by the speaker's sharing of personal experience.
  • Highly appreciated!


Mail to Service Project for the Church, Hong Kong Christian Service, 8/F, 33 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong or you can fax the form to us at 2311 0275.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will contact you within two working days. All collected information is kept confidential and only for communication purposes.

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