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Pui Oi School

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Our school, formerly known as Pui Oi Club for Children, was founded in 1965, serving physically handicapped children. It was renamed as Pui Oi Special Training Centre in the early 1970s and was financed by the Social Welfare Department. In 1979, our school became one of the first batch of registered special schools under and subsidised by the Education Department and has been officially named the Hong Kong Christian Service Pui Oi School since then. The temporary school premises located on the second floor of Princess Alexandra Community Centre in Tsuen Wan was later moved to Hin Fat Lane in Tuen Mun in 1997.

After many years of planning and preparation, the school premises and hostel at Hang Kwai Street in Tuen Mun have been put into service since September and December 2014 respectively.



School's Mission and Goals

It is convinced that physically handicapped children have the right to receive education. Their needs and potential are often overlooked due to the limitations of their physical disability. Our school aims to provide them with appropriate education and training to fully develop their potential. It is also our goal to nurture their ability to take care of themselves, live independently and adapt to the community.



Education Service

The curriculum adopted is designed to cater for the individual learning needs of every physically handicapped child. The teachers compile individual teaching plans for each student. Teaching students following their aptitude, training them to be independent and self-conscious, and fostering their good character are our three major principles for education.



Our school now offers the following courses:


Ordinary Curriculum

Chinese Language, Putonghua, Mathematics, English, General Studies, Liberal Studies, Integrated Science, Chinese History, Biology, Economics, Computer / Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies


Intellectual Disabilities and Adaptive Curriculum

Chinese Language, General Studies, Mathematics, Life Education, Practical English, Computer / Information and Communication Technology, General Studies / Practical Life Skills, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies


Rehabilitation Service


The main objective of the Physiotherapy Division is to assist physically disabled children in maximizing their ability to become physically independent.


Occupational Therapy

The main objective of the Occupational Therapy Division is to maximize the potential of physically handicapped students in the areas of muscle function, sensory, intelligence, socialization, home care, community life and work skills.


Speech Therapy

The main goal of the Speech Therapy Division is to assist physically handicapped children with communication impairments to develop their most appropriate mode of communication so that they can communicate with others in their daily lives.


Social Work

The main objective of the school social work service is to provide suitable social services to students and their families in order to meet the various needs of students in their learning and growth.


Nursing Service

The main objective of the Nursing Division is to provide quality care to students and staff.



Target Group

Our school provides services to physically handicapped children. In addition to physical disability, some of our students may be multiply disabled with intellectual disability, hearing impairment or visual impairment. With primary and secondary school sections, our school offers classes ranging from primary 1 to secondary 6. The maximum class size is ten.

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  • 6 and 8 Hang Kwai Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • 2490 2955
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