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Monthly Donation Programme


Only a simple registration is required to join our Monthly Donation Programme. Proceeds will go to the HKCS Service Development Fund to provide and develop non-government-funded services to the disadvantaged and the neglected. Monthly donations provide a continual source of income for our service development, enhance service effectiveness, and enable longer-term and more competent service planning. 


Any donation amount is welcome. Donations may be made by autopay, credit card, or PPS


Donations are tax-deductible with official receipts. Annual receipts giving a full account of the donations made throughout the year would be issued to donors upon the close of each financial year (usually in April). 


  • Children: Dreams Come True  

    Children are full of creativity, but not all of them have the opportunity to express it. Hin, Yuen, and four other children from grassroots families took part in our toy-making programme, which was organised in collaboration with toy designers. They learned about toy design and used 3D printing technology to bring their boundless imagination to life. Hin, who dreamed of owning an AI robot, successfully created a foldable toy figure, bringing him closer to his goal. Meanwhile, Yuen created a colourful toy dragon and said, 'Although the process was challenging, making my own toy was really satisfying!'

  • Youth: Multiple Pathways  

    Gaming is often seen as an unpromising career path, but with proper planning and learning, there are many opportunities. Tong, who loves video games, wanted to create his own game through our game production and programming course. As Tong didn't have a computer at home, game development seemed impossible, and he struggled to keep up with the pace of learning. However, with passion and perseverance and the support of our social workers and course tutors, he overcame various challenges in game development. He said, 'I have gained knowledge in game production and found my dream.'

  • Families: Cherishing Family Time  

    Born into a single-parent family, Kin has cerebral palsy and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. His father has to care for him and is unable to work, which puts financial strain on the family. Kin rarely goes out with his family and always wants to spend quality time with his father, brother and sister. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to help Kin's family enjoy a relaxing three-day holiday in Cheung Chau, soaking up the sun and beaches and, most importantly, experiencing the joy of spending time together as a family.  

  • Elderly: Community Support  

    Elders with emigrant families face a whirlwind of emotions and life changes. Our recent survey found that they are at risk of social isolation and depression. Therefore, we have set up support services specifically for these elders, organising volunteers to help with daily needs such as home repairs and using smartphone applications. We also organise regular activities, including festive gatherings, local tours and interest classes to strengthen peer-to-peer connections and mutual support so that elders can continue to live happily in the community.  

  • Ethnic Minorities: Inclusive Society  

    Ganga, a Nepalese carer who has lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years, looks after her elderly mother-in-law. However, due to language barriers, she faces various difficulties when accompanying her mother-in-law to the hospital, which adds to her caregiving stress and affects their relationship. With our support, Ganga joined a carers' support group to relieve stress and improve her understanding of services and welfare for the elderly in Hong Kong. She said, 'I have learnt many methods to manage stress and improve communication, which helps me greatly in caring for my family.'


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